WOW - WorkOutWriter is a graphical workout designer that saves coaches many hours every week.


WorkOutWriter software for swimming 


WOW - WorkOutWriter for writing workouts quicker and easier than ever!

  • Windows for varying intervals and distances

  • Window to write broken sets

  • Editing windows for group names and course options

  • Menu bar options to set group, session, and date for each workout

  • Automatic file saving option saves workouts by group, session, and date

  • Calculates workout distance by training category and stroke

  • Options for displaying and printing workouts in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

WOW - WorkOutWriter Version 2.2 is the most essential tool for swim coaches

  • WOW lets you write a complete workout in minutes by just pointing and clicking.

  • WOW calculates the time and distance for each set and for the entire workout.

  • WOW makes it easy to plan creative workouts in a short time.

  • WOW makes it easy to figure how many more reps can fit into the rest of workout.

  • WOW also makes it easy to plan a workout with variable distances and intervals.

  • WOW has options for broken sets and breaks after each set.

  • WOW has options for saving, copying, and printing the generated workouts.

WorkOutWriter Software for Swimming