A 40 sec 100 m freestyle

When will we see a 40 sec 100 m freestyle swim? According to the predicted trend, a swimmer will break 40 sec in about the year 2060. What do you think?

Freestyle World Record

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Butterfly Hips

When you swim butterfly, do you try to keep your hips motionless or do you make them go up and down?

Butterfly Hip Motion

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Catch-up Stroke

Catch-up stroke is still firmly entrenched in swimming culture. Have you seen evidence to support or refute its use? What's your view? Do you still use it - as a swimming stroke or as a drill?

Freestyle Catch-up Stroke

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What do you do for a slump?

Swim Slump or Performance Plateau

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Should a fast swimmer change his/her technique?

Swim Technique Change

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