Advanced Technology for the Fastest Swimming

Swimming Technology Research provides the information that you need to swim your fastest. STR specializes in technique instruction and analysis - based on science - to help you progress as fast as possible.


Advanced Technology Swim Camps and Clinics

SpeedWeek swim camps are unique. STR puts a complete emphasis on improving technique. Supported by research: swimmers progress much faster at SpeedWeek than with traditional methods.

Advanced Technology Instruction

While faster swimmers have more effective technique than slower swimmers, even the fastest swimmers have technique limitations. For this reason, STR has a biomechanical model of optimal technique (MONA) - a composite of the most effective (and fastest!) technique elements.

Advanced Technology Analysis

STR's advanced technology provides the clarity and precision of science - synchronized underwater video and hand force data - to completely analyze swimming technique. Video shows you what you're doing, but Aquanex+Video shows you how well you're doing it!

Advanced Technology Resources

Approaching Perfect has something for everyone involved in swimming. The first six chapters explain the fastest way to swim freestyle - using many illustrations. There are chapters on how to accelerate skill-learning and the science behind the technique.

Advanced Technology Injury Prevention

The typical arm entry in butterfly and freestyle reduces the space for the soft tissue between the upper arm and shoulder, causing irritation and decreased blood flow. Specific technique adjustments can prevent or rehab a shoulder injury. STR can help you swim faster AND save your shoulders!

Want to swim faster?
Our Aquanex analysis is guaranteed to show you how, even if you hold a world record! Still need a reason to use the most advanced technology? How about 10 Reasons?

Are you going to the FINA Gold Medal Clinic in Qatar?

Swimming Technology Research has a 25 year history of using science to help swimmers, triathletes, and coaches. STR products and services are uniquely designed to get you swimming faster, as soon as possible! In addition to our emphasis on technique and skill-learning, we also put a high priority on preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries. Contact us today to find out how STR can help you, your team, or your federation swim faster and more efficiently.